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I’m not going to lie guys, I originally created Housewife2Hostess because I was TERRIFIED of motherhood. I just quit my job (that I was REALLY good at) managing an Aveda salon to stay home with my new baby. There were so many things I was learning and wanting to learn. And there was even more pressure, the pressure to be “perfect“.
I was raised in Southern California with a spicy Brazilian mama  who was the “perfect” wife. She always looked great, kept a beautifully decorated and spotless house (like rooms you don’t go in immaculate, seriously!) handmade clothes/costumes for us, threw AMAZING parties and she is beyond talented artistically. Thats what a “mom” was in my mind.
Even though my mother is beyond talented, I felt a serious lack in the relationship department. I have always felt insecure around her, not good enough, not pretty enough, not obedient enough, not spiritual enough. So much so that I used my schooling and interests to prove that I was all of those things… like writing a blog about how capable I am. dun dun duuuuuuun!
What started out as a was of receiving validation, my blog has now become a way for me to share what I’m learning about myself. Even though I’ve a relatively novice human being, I’m realizing that life and motherhood isn’t about perfection, its not supposed to be! For me, my journey is about building relationships and building up each other as women, mothers and human beings. I hope my journey to finding the balance in my own life and womanhood, helps to inspire you!
XO, Chelsey

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