Quilting My First

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        I am not a quilter by any stretch, but I am learning from my Mother-in-law and hope to one day be able to confidently call myself one. She learned to quilt from her mother-in-law and wanted to teach her daughters-in-law. She chose a pattern and the daughters-in-law chose their own fabric (hopefully I can post their quilts soon.)
     The fabric pictured above is what I choose for my color palate. I love to travel and this reminds me of fun trips I’ve taken. In the fabric I see future trips and memories, so I knew I had to use it.
Piecing the larger strips

    The reason she chose this pattern was because it was “relatively” quick to complete. I use the word that way because if you’ve ever quilted like this you know its a detailed and sometimes long process. 


    This pattern had us sewing strips of fabric, cutting those strips, resewing them to make patterned larger squares, sewing those larger squares into larger strips then piecing those together to eventually make the top.


     We could have hand quilted (hand sewing the back, batting and top together) yeah, that would have taken weeks, months, who knows how long! I wanted this to look professional so I took it to Happy Valley Quilting and couldn’t be happier with the results or the price!