CrafterNOON: Let Me Count The Ways…

 I’ve seen a few of these “52 Things I Love About You” decks
 on pinterest and wanted to share mine..

   It was super easy to make all you need is:

  1. 1 deck of cards
  2. A label maker or sticky labels for your printer
  3. 1 3 hole punch (adjust the size)
  4. 2 metal rings that open and close
   I searched for generic lists of things one would love about their lover, but decided to go with very specific things that I REALLY love about him. I feel that these would be fun to laugh about together when he opens it on Christmas morning. I also used Utah Jazz cards (as they are his favorite team.) I found a list here that I used to get the wheels turning… those wheels in my brain.

1. the way you smell
2. how you light up the whole room when you smile
3. when you kiss me and the whole world disappears and everything is perfect
4. that you tell me secrets that your friends don’t even know
5. how you can get me out of a bad mood (even if it’s you who put me in it)
6. how you still get shy about things
7. the look in your eyes when you kiss me
8. how you hold me when I’m scared
9. how you tell me everything’s ok
10. that just thinking about you makes me smile
11. how I can trust you with my life
12. how I need you
13. how you can always make a bad day good
14. the way your arms feel around me
15. how you haven’t given up on me
16. that you always tell me I look beautiful 
17. the way I feel safe when I’m with you
18. that I could just lie with you forever
19. how you always know how to make me smile
20. that when I look at you, I love you more
21. how you’re always just adorably cute
22. that you make me feel like the most special girl in the world
23. that you can have any girl that you want but you still choose me
24. that we miss each other when were apart
25. how you’ll always be there for me to talk to
26. how you can always make my troubles go away with ‘I love you’
27. that you comfort me when I cry 
28. that we argue about who loves who most
29. how you are yourself around everyone and wouldn’t change yourself for anyone
30. your nicknames for me 
31. when you talk to me about kids
32. our bed
33. that you mean more to me than anything else in the world
34. how you always have the right thing to say to me
35. that you’d stand up for me in an argument, whether I was right or wrong
36. how you respect my feelings

37. how you don’t take crap from anyone, except me… lol

38. the way you laugh when I tickle you
39. how you laugh in general
40. it when you give me a massage (more often please!)
41. how you always know when something is wrong
42. that your letters never fail to make me cry
43. your cute face 
44. how you’ve supported and made me remember who I really am
45. how you forgive me straight away when I do something that makes you angry
46. how I’m not afraid to be myself when I’m with you
47. your gorgeous eyes
48. how you let me watch what I want…
49. when you laugh at me when I get things wrong 
50. when you explain things to me when I get confused
51. when we lie together, we fit perfectly
52. how you say ‘I love you sweetie’

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