Free Alphabet Banner Template

Alphabet banners are used as holiday decorations, for birthday parties, at weddings and more. I have made enough to know that the hardest part aka most time consuming part is getting all of the letters made. So I did the work so you can enjoy the fun and easy part of making them, you’re welcome! 
These are also VERY customizable depending on what you want your banner to say and what kind of scrapbook paper or card stock you use to back it.
For this project you  will need:
  The printed letters from this PDF
Card stock 
A paper cutter
A hole punch
A glue stick
Ribbon (or hemp thread)
Simply cut all of the letters out using the paper cutter. Because they are all the exact same size feel free to double or triple up the paper when cutting. Glue the cut letters onto an 8” x 11″ piece of card stock (you can actually fit two cut letters onto one piece.) Cut these out one at a time by lining the white part on the slicing line.
Use a three hole punch by adjusting the width on one end. Once you center them, practice on a piece of scratch paper before punching holes in your finished project.
 String together and hang. You may also want to tape the back to hold the letters into place. Another option would be to skip the hole punching step and hang them using clothes pins.


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