How I Paid Pennies for my Designer Nursery

   The second I found out the gender of my baby my brain was 99% focused on how to decorate the nursery. I started looking for inspiration at my favorite place: pottery barn. I quickly realized my “dream nursery” was going to cost me over $6,000… That is when I decided that wasn’t going to happen, and to see how little I could spend and (to my husbands delight) make a game out of it.
   Believe it or not, I bought most of the furniture from or at a garage sale and finished it. I spent a total of  $483.00!!! (and a lot of elbow grease) BUT, it has so much personality because and its one of a kind.

The break down:

Crib – $50 (Garage sale)
Fabric for bedding – $27(Joanns with coupons)
Dresser – $140( 
Blue paint for the walls – $40
Flowers on wall – $15(Hobby Lobby with coupons)
Paint for crib and dresser – $35(Lowes)
Mirror – $89(Ikea) 
Eiffel Tower – $20 (Target)
Chandelier (Not pictured) -$45(Ikea)
Bird hook -$12 (Hobby Lobby with coupon)
Acrylic paint for mural – $10 (Hobby Lobby and I 
already had some paint as well as 
brushes on hand)
Okay, I know you are still wondering about the mural, right? So I originally found the one I really liked on pinterest, I found it here. As you can see the layout and color scheme are very similar to what I did in mine. But as I searched for more inspiration I decided to go with more of a soft feel and color scheme.

I asked my VERY talented and artistically inclined mom to help me paint the mural and peacock. I would suggest having help if that type of this isn’t your strong suit, it made all the difference. She was a huge help in helping my decide on what kind of bird to put in the tree and she showed me some pictures of REAL white peacocks. I didn’t even know that they existed before then.

For the 3D flowers I simply took a couple push pins and pinned them to my wall so you couldn’t see the pins. It was also an idea I got from the photo inspiration above.
The last thing I wanted to share was the bedding. Notice the bumper fabric is pink peacock feathers. I actually wasn’t a fan in the store but my Mom insisted “It’s fate!”
Looking at the whole thing finished it came together so beautifully and I can’t believe how much money I was able to save doing it myself.

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