CrafterNOON: DIY Tuffit

So, my incredibly talented sister-in-law made these AMAZING floor cushions that are to die for cute. I was lucky enough to help her make a couple and I wanted to repost the how-to here. Again, major props to her for picking out the cutest fabric and piping.

For this project you will need:

  • 1 yard of fabric
  • (Two 17″ circles,
  • 1 rectangle 9″ x 51.5″,
  • Two 3″ x 12″ for handles)
  • 2 packages of pre-made piping
  • matching thread
  • fiberfill

The basic idea is to cut out two circles and using the remnant pieces, sew one rectangle that measures 9″ X 51.5″ for the sides. Sew the piping on first, then sew and complete the handles.

    Sew one top piece to the side piece and then sew the bottom round leaving a hole big enough to stuff with the fiber fill. Stuff to the desired loftiness and hand or machine sew it closed. So thats the basic idea, again check out the original post (above) for a detailed instruction.

 These ones are smaller, obviously they were  made for children… I would like to make a few larger ones to match my movie room for us bigger kids. 🙂

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