CrafterNOON: Recycled Rocket Booster

Have you ever seen something on Pinterest, LOVED the idea, pinned it only to find out that the link is bad or written in a foreign tongue?  Yeah… me too. So now I present to you: Sloppy Seconds. This segment is all about things I’ve seen on pinterest and attempted, complete with a step by step guide for you. Hopefully no pintrocities.

For this project you will need:

  • Two empty shampoo/ conditioner liters
  • Gold spray paint
  • Three different colored felt
  • Fabric-tac fabric glue 
  • Ribbon

This is THE MOST straight forward project ever and I am happy to show that it turned out great.  Spray paint the bottles, while those are drying, cut felt into triangles and arrange both sides. Glue pieces together and when the bottles are dry use the fabric-tac generously on the inside lip of the bottle. Roll the felt into a small enough shape to fit it inside and allow a few hours to dry.

Once completely dry you can finish this project by carefully cutting some slits in the back to slide the ribbon through. Leave it a bit on the long side to ensure adjustability. 

BONUS: This next step is for those of you that will have your significant other around when you finish up. Take extra silicone that you have lying around in a caulk gun and fortify the two bottles in the middle. Once dry touch up the spray paint and PRESTO, now they look “soldered.”

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