DIY Play Purse

This DIY purse is sweet, simple and takes about 20 minutes to make with a serger or basic sewing machine. I used a jean button, an initial patch and some shabby chic fabric rosettes with pearls to make it more personalized. 

For this project you will need:

  • A sewing machine or serger
  • Corduroy or other heavy fabric
  • one large button
  • string of small pearls
  • flowers or other embellishments
  • fabric-tac glue

The Pattern is quite basic, just print it out to the desired size and you’re ready to go.

Cut out one piece of each pattern and sew the side pieces to the body piece with the seams facing out,  the fabric you want showing in. THIS WOULD BE THE TIME TO SEW AN INITIAL INTO ONE OF THE SIDE SEAMS. Once both sides are sewn, reverse it so the seams are now inside the purse. Hem around the edge with a serger or finish with a neat hem. 

If you want your strap over the shoulder, use the markers on the side pieces and glue in place with fabric-tac. If you’d perfer two handles use the markers on the top and bottom of the pattern instead.

Finish by gluing fabric rosettes or other fun patches on the outside.

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