FREE 12 Months Onesies Template


      I’ve seen a few of these for sale here or there but I didn’t LOVE, love any that I saw. So I created these super sweet onesie printable or iron-on ones for my daughter Jade. (PDF below)

     I also have to add that I initially planned to print them on iron-on paper for Jade but ended up not going that route because I didn’t want 12 numeric onesies. I feel that I will be more likely use them again without the numbers than with them. Here is the PDF in blue for a Boy or pink for a Girl, go crazy.

2 thoughts on “FREE 12 Months Onesies Template”

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  2. Getting ready to make onsies for 2 sets of great grandchildren arriving soon. Thankyou for letting us download your monthly milestones.

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