How Professionals Shape Eyebrows

   Shaping eyebrows isn’t a one size/shape fits all deal, you can only work with what you have. Eyebrows are like sisters, they will look very similar but are rarely identical.


   First, use an imaginary line (or pencil) to measure from the inner corner of your eye down the side of your nose  to determine the space between your eyebrows. Getting this distance just right can make wide set eyes look closer together, making the face more symmetrical.

  Move the line directly over the pupil and start the arch near the center. You don’t want to thin them too much, you are mostly looking to give them shape. 



   Now take the line from the outermost corner to the eye and connect it to the side of your nose to measure where the eyebrow should end. Most people are slightly longer than this measurement, but its all preference.

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