Brazilian Blowout

  Every wonder why Brazilian Blowouts are so expensive? Well its because they take about 3 hours to do (for my length of hair) and they work! Here is a picture of my hair air-dried before getting my treatment. It looks pretty sad to say the least, thank goodness for the inventor of the round brush.
First, my hair was washed to get out all of the excess oil and build up to make sure it would stick and really soak in.
Second, she brushed the Brazilian Blowout solution onto my hair section by section. This part took about an hour!
 Next, my hair was blow dry and styled with a round brush.
      Then, my hair was flat ironed to really seal in the product.
  Three hours later my hair is like silk! I have loved this treatment so much. I literally wake up and wash it and it air dries like this.


          The most amazing thing is this was the same haircut!



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