Easter/Spring Wreath

DISCLOSURE: Warning! This is not an easy or quick project. I am still shocked when I think of how long the wrapping of the yarn took. When I began wrapping I was thinking “this is so fun and cute!” I decided an hour later that their must be a better way… But there was no turning back.

   I saw a similar wreath to this one on pinterest and it inspired me. I made this wreath to use as my valentines/spring/easter door decor. I didn’t realize the time commitment I would be making (please read disclosure above) to finish it. The felt flowers on the other hand were very fun and easy to make.

For this project you will need:

  • Felt
  • a wreath to wrap
  • yarn
  • a 1/8 piece of lace
  • fabri-tac fabric glue
  • a lovely woodland type creature 
  Begin wrapping the yarn around, around, around and around again. Keep wrapping until you begin to wonder why you started this project in the first place. When you reach that point you will be too committed to not continue wrapping. 

Make felt rosettes and felt pom-poms using the posted tutorials and glue directly to the yarn with fabri-tac. 

                    Add a woodland creature and PRESTO!


2 thoughts on “Easter/Spring Wreath”

  1. beautiful wreath! When I saw the flowers I thought they were too complicated for me to make, but you have tutorials! YAY! So glad you thought of everything:)

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