How to Make Felt Rosettes

I am a big DIYer and when I see something crafty I like, I usually think “I could make that.” I have seen these adorable felt rosettes on pinterest, esty and in boutiques and here is my tutorial. I made them for my Easter wreath, but they would be adorable as headbands or hair pieces.  

For this project you will need:

  • Felt strips scraps (I went with contrasting spring pinks)
  • Fabric-tac glue
  • Felt


First, cut out a cloud-like shape to start. Then cut a wavy pattern that spirals towards the center. Leave a small patch in the very center, you’ll use that as the base of your flower.

Starting at the outermost edge, use a small bit of the fabri-tac and begin rolling the felt. Continue rolling and glueing until it looks like a loverly rosette.

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