How To Think Like A Healthy Girl

   Have you ever thought “she’s so lucky” when you saw a skinny girl walk by? Maybe you still think that about skinny girls you know… I used to think things like that all the time. It wasn’t until recently that I noticed more and more of these “skinny girls” have the same type of attitude about diet and lifestyle. They tend to be active and put (mostly) good things in their bodies. 

Wedding 2008- 185lbs


I guess most of these “skinny ladies” aren’t getting credit they deserve for making conscious healthy choices. This got me thinking I’m looking at it the wrong way. What I really want is to be a “healthy girl” by making good choices, being active and accepting my body. I don’t want to obsess about being an impossible size or weight. I’d rather be the best version of what my Heavenly Father intended.

I’ve come to the realization that for me being a healthier size won’t last if it comes from a crash diet or once every-other-week workout routine. 

Christmas 2009 – 235lbs

If I want to become a healthy person the following MUST change:

  • My relationship with food must be a healthy one (no more emotional eating).
  • Junk food is a special occasion thing.
  • Start being active everyday.
  • Christmas 2011 – 173lbs
  • Remember that I am a role model for my daughter, my choices will be influential in her life.

   Before I was never happy with my weight or size. I guess that just goes to show how unrealistic my expectations were. (I pushed a baby out all-natural for heavens sake!) Now I look at my body and know I have an amazing body and I am strong! In 2013 I resolve to be content and I realize I’m in control of me. Its time to get up and stop being upset at something I can control, NO MORE EXC– — — USES! If I really want to change, I need to do something differently.

I can do hard things!

Christmas 2012 – 200lbs

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