The Perfect Pallet

   I really wanted to add an accent wall to my half bathroom. The first step was finding the perfect pallets. These beautiful pallets came from my husbands parents house in lovely Idaho. 

   They have been weathering and becoming discolored for over 5 years and (as you can see) we even dug a few out of the snow. I guess you can say I was pretty committed

    For this project you’ll need to look for:

  •  Good coloring
  •  Rusted nails
  •  Cracks and holes
  •  Uniform lengths and thickness
  The hardest part of this project was breaking down the pallets. So if you want to do this project make sure you have a hunky hunk to help you break these pallets down. Next, organize them by thickness and length.


   Measure the wall you plan to cover, mark the ground to the same length. Organize the pallets on the ground to get an idea of how you want it to line up.

3 thoughts on “The Perfect Pallet”

  1. Norman Biddlecombe

    It looks great. Did you treat the wood in any way ? Wash, bleach, wood preserve, stain, sand etc. . I am working on a similar project using old fence posts but they are filthy so needed washing, sanding (no splinters wanted in bathroom !) etc. Now I am worried about condensation and maybe lightening some of the wood. It sounds as though you did none of these ?

  2. Norman Biddlecombe

    Maybe if I try too hard I will lose the authenticity you have achieved. I think I need to ignore the rule book a bit as well or it will look like a cheap sauna !


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