The Prep – Accent Wall

For this project you’ll be using a lot of warped wood from the pallets. So, to make it look the very best, you’ll want to make sure to use a flat black paint on the back to make sure it hides the wall behind it.

If you look closely at the bottom, you’ll see a bit of the wood that chipped off. Its less noticeable because of the black paint.

Measure twice before cutting the pieces. They are super fragile and split the more they are cut.

Using a nail gun, nail them to the studs to reinforce them. Use the rusty nails collected from the pallets to add authenticity and make it seem like the pallets were always there, just rusting away. Continue on up the wall with the pattern as you like. To see the finished project CLICK HERE.

6 thoughts on “The Prep – Accent Wall”

  1. Did you treat your wood before you put them on the wall?

    Are you pallets normal wood pallets from HD, Lowes, etc?

    How did you decide how to cut the wood for the pattern you placed?

    Looking forward to getting my pallet wall up in our bathroom!!

    1. Great Questions!

      I didn’t treat the pallets (probably should’ve) but we got them from my in-laws neighbors, they were used to hold feed for the horses. I did hose them off 🙂 for the pattern, I just laid them out to get the color scheme how I liked it and started chopping those babies. Hopefully this helps! I can’t wait to see yours!!

  2. I was thinking of using Liquid Nails to hold them to the wall instead. I would leave the old nails in there but maybe clip the sharp ends off flush. Watcha think?

    1. I haven’t really worked with liquid nails, I’m sure it would work! I would still just nail in the nails, if they’re as old as the ones on my pallets they’d be a loose mess. Good luck!

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