Auburn Ombre

Warning!!! DO NOT attempt to do this on yourself at home! If you want it to look even and professional please go to a salon or have a licensed stylist do it! I’ve seen countless cases where “I wanted to save money so I did it myself” turn into hundreds of dollars to fix the mess. I cannot stress this enough!
As you can see from this picture this was a two step process. First, my roots were dyed darker and my ends were bleached lighter. (This is done to make the color more dynamic and natural looking once its toned.) After that is washed and dried, more color is pulled from the roots down using the balayage technique (basically high lighting or low lighting without using foils) with the darker color. Then the toner (which makes the orangey less intense) is balayaged through the rest of the hair through the ends. Once that was rinsed out I was left with the perfect auburn ombre!

As most of you already know, I am all about spending a little more time now to make my beauty routine easy later. Hence my undying love for the ombre/color melt. This is seriously my FAVORITE way to color my hair. It looks amazing and it lasts the entire spring and summer (with the basic root touchups to maintain.) Then by fall its grown out enough to go darker for fall.

These pictures were taken outside, showing the difference of the color in different lighting. I loved how it turned out and think I will be rocking this color for a while!

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