Bachelor Party: The Final Rose

Here is my latest reason for throwing a girls night: The Final Rose. I thought it would be a fun theme and it would be fun to play bachelorette for the night. For those hardcore Bachelor fans out there, the decorations and set up will make a lot more sense to you. Let me walk you through everything…

When each guest came to the door she was greeted with me asking them; “(Name), would you accept this rose?” Of course, everyone accepted.

Here is how I set up the two bachelorettes to help each of my guests decide what “team” they wanted.

The theme was red and black so in addition to roses and petal everywhere, I used a shower rod an two red panel curtains to add more color and drama.

 I served sparkling cider in champagne flutes and wine glasses to make it feel like we were at the cocktail party.

 I made favor boxes for each guest that included candy, a rose shaped bath bomb and wedding bubbles. I also made red rose cupcakes and tuxedo strawberries to go with the theme. 


To learn how to make the red rose cupcakes with one piping bag and tip click here.

Also, big shout out to my friend for showing up in a wedding dress to support team Lindsay. Sadly, they were both disappointed in the end.

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