Eat at Wendy’s Like a Skinny Girl

I’ve been thinking (a lot) about how differently my “skinny” friends make their food and lifestyle choices. I’ve decided that I’m the only one standing in the way of me becoming one of that mindset. Having a realistic expectation is the first part. No, I’m not going to accomplish this living on protein shakes and lean meat. This change is going to come from tweaking daily decisions of things I’m already doing. 

Today I was out running errands and decided to grab something on the go so I went to Wendy’s. I loved this new menu they had on display, it really helped make the healthy(er) choice easy.

I ordered the half sized BLT Cobb salad. With the salad dressing it came to 300 calories. It was light yet filling and the best part is there was a piece of BACON on it! Yum. A

I feel like this is a really good change for me. I have never cared about watching calories and I love the positive changes that are happening! The Wendy’s website had a few more options listed as well as the nutrition information on all of their items.

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