How To Get Better Chemical Peel Results

Don’t be alarmed folks, its not leprosy its a few days after my chemical peel! The best way I know to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, skin discoloration, acne scars, a dull complexion, or rough skin, I would recommend a cosmetic procedure called a chemical peel. 

What to Expect Before a Chemical Peel

A consultation is essential. Your esthetician/dermatologist will take a complete medical history. Be sure to tell your professional if you are prone to cold sores, have had a cosmetic procedure in the past, scar easily or have ever had a type of raised scar known as a keloid. These can have a tremendous effect on what you see after a chemical peel.

After the consultation and a physical exam that includes a close look at your skin, your esthetician/dermatologist will tell you if a chemical peel will help diminish the signs of aging that concern you and if a chemical peel is right for you.

If a chemical peel is appropriate, one of the following types of peels will be recommended:

4 Tips for Better Results After a Chemical Peel

  1. Do not scratch or rub the treated skin. While the skin may burn, itch, or swell, it is important to resist the urge to scratch or rub. Scratching and rubbing tend to diminish results. To alleviate the discomfort, apply a cold compress.
  2. Keep your skin moist and supple. This will give you better results. If the skin dries out and cracks, scarring may occur.
  3. Do not pick at scabs. After a deep peel, the face tends to scab, but picking at scabs can increase the risk of an infection, skin discoloration, and scarring.
  4. Wear sunscreen daily once your skin heals. Applying sunscreen before your makeup will help maintain the results.

9 thoughts on “How To Get Better Chemical Peel Results”

  1. “A consultation is essential.” — This is a great thing to point out. There are a lot of products and DIY chemical peels out there but I’ve always been cautious because you just never know how your skin is going to react. Going to a reputable dermatologist would not only help address the issue but also assure that your skin wouldn’t be in worse condition. –Lori @ Adera Skin and Laser

  2. A consultation is certainly most essential! Some people would just go into this treatment directly, without considering if this is the correct regimen for their skin condition. A chemical peel is not something to be taken lightly; even if there are many chemical peel products that can be bought over-the-counter, that doesn’t mean they’re suited for all types of skin

    Dr. Daniel Knight

    1. I agree, thank you for your comment! Sometimes people go crazy with OTC peels and start to abuse them by doing them too much without waiting for the whole process. Its important to protect your skin and ask a professional.

  3. That’s very informative, Chelsey! There are dangers in stepping blindly into this procedure. Chemical peel could be scary and risky when you don’t know what to expect, especially if you are unsure if the product you’re using suits your skin. In this case, it’s a good idea to do some research and ask skin experts before you proceed with the treatment yourself.

    Lilia Valle @ La Fleur de Beaute Day Spa

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