Organizing 101: Create More Pantry Space

Since having my baby, I have been feeling like my life and house are so cluttered. I decided to organize things to see what I could do with my space and my frustration.

But there are many reasons to get organized :

  • Better utilize your space
  • Everything will have a place
  • It’s more functional
  • It looks better

You don’t need much to get more organized. Here are three things I bought for this project, 2 corner shelves and 1 organizing rack. They cost $12ish for all.

As you can see from the photos a few of the things have moved to a new home. ie: medicine, candle sticks, ice cube trays etc. They were in the wrong place to begin with.

The main thing I want to stress is: use as much vertical space as possible. This is so important! I was able to free up an entire shelf (which now holds my pots and pans) which then freed up another cabinet. Also, using a tiered system can really help you see what you have. I organized my baking supplies that way, but it works great for organizing spices or cans. 

I can’t wait to finish organizing the rest of my house, more posts to come. 

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