Disneyland with a Baby

  Being a Southern California native myself (and being over 42″ tall) I’ve been able to enjoy everything at Disneyland. So, when I had the opportunity to go with a friend and our babies I was a little hesitant.

 Okay, I was experiencing more than a LOT of hesitation. I was however, pleasantly surprised how much we could do at Disneyland with the babes.

   The first thing I’d recommend you to do: Disney’s town hall (to the left as you enter main street.)  They have pins for ALL occasions, birthdays, honeymoon, anniversary, 1st visit, etc. Pick up your free pin to celebrate your visit. This will not only make a fun souvenir, but will let the park attendants know what you are celebrating. That is one of my favorite things about Disneyland, having the staff stop you and just visit and love on your baby.

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