Double-Nickel Birthday Party

When my mother-in-law had mentioned that she would be celebrating her “Double-Nickel Birthday” I was a little confused. Was she turning 10? NO, she was turning 55! I thought the whole idea was really cute. I started searching for double-nickel theme ideas on the internet. I was disappointed to only find nickel cakes and not one party theme. So here is what I came up with to celebrate my wonderful Mother-in-law turning 55.

I wanted to make it classy and wanted to do a vintage/ black, white and red theme. I used a few of my decorations from the Bachelor: Final Rose Party to make it budget friendly. I used candles, red roses and rose petals, black tulle and nickels to decorate the table.

I also made a banner out of card stock to match the theme and hand wrote 5 cents on each one to give it that vintage feel.

I loved the vintage feel of the glitter crowns so I make one for the cake and ( I used food glitter) one for the birthday girl. You can find an excellent glitter crown tutorial here.

The cake was a chocolate cake with a strawberry cheesecake filling covered in coconut flavored buttercream frosting. I wrote “Happy Double-Nickel Birthday” around the cake and used pearl six lets (from Joanns wedding section) for the boarder.

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