Organization 101: Cleaning Your Kids Closet

Having my baby was such a whirl-wind of emotions in the beginning. I felt overwhelmed with my new baby, overwhelmed with lots of baby stuff I “needed” and many visits from family and friends. I found myself just piling the clothes and toys while I attended to other more pressing matters, like the daily blowout my daughter seemed to have.

Like most people, I really function best when my home is organized, and so this space needed some TLC badly. I was also wanting to organize this space on a budget (under $20 to be exact) so I when to the dollar tree. I almost felt like I was stealing, when I snagged these adorable blue and pink baskets for $1!!!

The way I organize is:

  1. Take everything or most everything out of the space.
  2. Organize the stuff into similar piles.
  3. Use containers to maximize the vertical and horizontal space.
  4. Put things that are most used (and belong in that room) back into the space.
  5. Return the stuff to its “home” if it doesn’t belong in this space.

 As you can see here, there were red containers (for Christmas decorations) and seasonal pillows in the baby’s room. Since they didn’t belong, they were moved to the storage room in the basement (tutorial coming soon) for short term storage.

At the end of the day I have to remember a lot of my household tasks are going to be redundant and never be “done”, EVER. For me, Its nice to know that organization helps me stay on top of these tasks more efficiently.

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