Clean Eating Breakfast

A week ago I started a clean eating/Paleo lifestyle. In 7 days I lost 6 pounds and I haven’t had those “junk” cravings. This is the most success I’ve ever had sticking to a diet and lifestyle. I wanted to share a few recipes I love making that you can add to your meal plan. 

Chelsey’s Go To Omelette:

3 whole brown eggs
A handful of spinach
2 tbs of chopped red bell pepper
1 tbs green onion
1 tbs red onion
Extra virgin olive oil to grease pan
salt and pepper TT

 Grease the pan with olive oil and sauté the spinach, red bell pepper, and onions. Once they have cooked down, add the eggs and season with salt and pepper. Continue until eggs are fully cooked. Enjoy!

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