DIY Wood flooring in a Day

Even though our house was built in 2007 (relatively newish) it had a really dark palate throughout a few of the rooms, while others were very light. The master bedroom was not only dark, it started getting the annoying wake-up-the-whole-house squeaking floors.

So my handy husband decided we should do new flooring! YAY!!! He removed all of the furniture and ripped up the carpet. He then went floorboard by floorboard to drill in all of the squeaks, This seriously took forever but was totally worth it.

I’ve seen that you can also fix squeaking floors with a type of screw that breaks off at the top allowing you to keep the carpet down the entire time. Neat stuff!

Back to the wood flooring, after removing the carpet and fixing the squeaks, lay down the padding. Because this is a “floating” flooring system, the padding helps keep it quiet when its being walked on.

Once the flooring is in place its ready for furniture! No waiting for things to dry or set. This flooring is the best!

Thanks again to my talented husband, feel free to leave comments or ask questions!

5 thoughts on “DIY Wood flooring in a Day”

  1. Thank you so much Becky! I love our new flooring sooooooo much! I also love the groans that come from my husband whenever I talk to him about new ideas for “projects” around the house. I think my neighbors know when they hear the saw going that Hubby is working on pinterest inspired honey-Do’s.

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