How to Layer a Cake Like a Professional

For those of you who follow daily, you may ask yourself “I thought she was on this health kick, what’s with the cake?!” For the record, I made this cake during the spring, way long ago and never posted it. Also on the record, DON’T EAT CAKE… 

Back to the cake…

Lots of people ask me how I am able to stack my cakes so high and  make them so smooth. No, I don’t use fondant. This my friends, is a cake decorated and filled with 100% homemade buttercream frosting. The trick is the technique and tools. 

As soon as your cake has cooled, remove it from the pan and wrap it in plastic. Freeze for an hour or longer (up to a month.) When you are ready to fill and decorate, thaw until the cake is soft enough to cut without crumbling. Using the frosting and fresh fruit, layer until you have used all pieces finishing with a “bottom” on top. This will make it easier to have a perfect finished product.

Once the whole cake is layered, put it back into the freezer until its solid and the layers stay put. Using a spackling or putty tool (I get mine at home depot) do a smooth thin crumb ice on the cake and freeze for 10 min.

Now that the crumbs will stick to this layer, ice it again but thicker. Repeat icing until desired thickness. Now decorate!

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