Paleo Meal Plan Week 2

I totally lied and meant to post this weeks ago! But I was at Disneyland for my daughters 1st birthday, and here is the proof šŸ™‚ Isn’t she just the sweetest!? 

And now that all is forgiven (hopefully) here is the much anticipated and awaited Paleo meal plan week 2! And because I made you wait, I added a little bonus for you at the bottom. 

And now a moment of truth: While I was vacationing in California I totally cheated, mostly on the last few days and gained 5 lbs. Normally, that would be my daily fluctuation if I had a bad day or something. But to work hard at making good food choices and to only losing a couple pounds a week, its really hard to see that number go up. So this week its back on the horse and no more slip ups! And look a shopping list for your convenience.

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