5 Things To Do Everyday To Be Happy

 I recently attended a youth conference retreat and I was able to hear from a fabulous speaker that teaches seminary for our church. The topic was “5 things to do everyday to be happy?” I was really surprised that these 5 things were not anything close to what I was expecting…

1. Do something HARD everyday. I think if anyone applied this to their day it would be happier. Hard things usually bring results, I never regret working out or making healthy food choices, even though those are hard for me in the moment. Doing anything hard brings satisfaction that is good for the human mind and soul.

2. Make NO Shame. This might seem to simple at first but its actually not.  Don’t do anything that would shame you, your family or your name. If more people lived this rule there would the would would be a better place. So the next time your about to so something questionable ask yourself “would this bring shame to me or my family?” You might act or choose differently.

3. People Matter, Stuff Doesn’t. This one is pretty self explanatory, but in the heat of the moment during a fender bender, the airport losing your luggage or when you want to yell at your kids for breaking something ask yourself what matters most. Oh yeah, its that everyone is safe and okay. It makes it easier to explain to our impressionable families why we go out of our way to do something nice for someone else.

4. Surround yourself with good things and look toward the light. Watch and listen to uplifting media, hang out with people that are smart and kind and go to places that make you feel happy and uplifted. Ever notice how happy Disneyland is? Try to create a space where everyone feels that happy magical feeling at home!

5. Pray for strength. No matter what religion you belong to prayer is something that can make you stop and ask for help with daily struggles. Its important to take time daily to ask Heavenly Father to help your efforts. Sometimes you just need someone to lean on and he is always there for each of us!

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