7 Day Juice Fast RESULTS

The past 8 months have been the hardest and most eye opening of my entire life. Its amazing the things you’ll learn about yourself when you’re at the bottom of the barrel. First, I learned that its okay to ask for help. Second, I am learning that I AM WORTH IT & YOU ARE WORTH IT!

One of the HARDEST things for me to accept (before this point) was loving and accepting myself physically. I’ve never felt good enough and had always been in major denial about my body and why it didn’t look how I wanted it to. I felt like I was jumping from yo-yo diet to juice cleanse like Tarzan swinging wildly in the jungle. I was SO HARD on myself, especially on my body and was never happy with my physical appearance. 30 days ago I was a tired, emotionally drained mom who was always grumpy, frumpy and needed a daily nap with my two-year-old just to make it through the day.

Over a year and a half ago I was introduced to an organic daily nutrition system by my friend Melanie and I wasn’t interested. Honestly, I wasn’t ready for it. After hitting rock bottom (physically and emotionally) and weighing in at two pounds more than I did when I was full term pregnant with my daughter, ouch! I was ready for a huge change. I called my friend Melanie, (Who lost and has kept off 60 lbs!) because I wanted a BIG change, I was ready for it. I have to admit that I was still skeptical, but I was willing to try it out.

I started my 30 day system, mentally committing to only do it for 1 week. I had all the intentions to return it when it didn’t work out for me. The first four days were really hard, I had a headache from all of the detoxing but I kept going. I was BLOWN AWAY after seeing my transformation over the next seven days. The results weren’t just affecting my pant size, my skin was getting more even and for the first time ever, I didn’t breakout during that time of the month. I stopped feeling tired and needing to nap with my daughter. You guys, I seriously feel like I’m 21 again!

I stuck with it and after thirty days, its still hard to believe how big my transformation is. Sometimes I forget that I was so big when I started. It almost brings tears to my eyes when I think about the opportunity I passed up a year and a half ago, especially knowing what I know now. But I’m here, I’m doing it NOW. I am so inspired to get into my best physical and emotional shape, and I’m doing for ME. Not my Mom, not the mean girls from junior high, not my husband. This is ALL on me.

I’m realizing this is the most doable thing I’ve ever done. All of the methods I’d done in the past were the very definition of “crash diets” they weren’t even close to sustainable long term. Every morning, I want to hug by body and apologize for being so harsh and awful toward as I was in the past. Each of us has been given the most amazing gift, our bodies. And its a miracle that they are able to function after all of the suffering physically and emotionally. You guys, tell yourself that you love your imperfect body. Thank yourself by being better to your body and treating it right! Get your Isagenix system, and try it for 30 days. If you don’t love it send it back for a full refund! 

Okay, so I know a lot of you hear me saying how I’m loving all of these new lifestyle changes I’ve made and how I’m having success, but then I never post selfies to prove it. Well, I, like most other woman in America, have my own image issues, and honestly it’s super scary! It’s basically like I’m admitting to the bad choices I’ve made and I’m owning each bag of Doritos and cookie dough ice cream session. I’m also owning new changes I’ve made, and now I have to be accountable. So, today, I am facing my fears.

The moment of truth: What I’ve learned from juicing

I learned after 7 days (thats 168 hours folks) of only drinking juice, I can do hard things!  I would have to repeat my mantras (it felt like 1000 times a day) “food is fuel” and “I can do hard things” every time I walked in the kitchen. I also learned that I was really bloated and tired, which is actually as terrible as it sounds. Even my face was bloated; I have a significantly less puffy face in the pink shirt picture. I also learned that in my case juice fasts are 99% mental and 1% drinking the juice. 

I know sharing something this personal will help to keep me on track. I’ve officially put it out there into the universe (putting it online is basically the same thing). So, the next time I feel like eating a bag of Doritos and cookie dough ice cream, I’ll remember that I’m a changed woman and I want to look healthy. Here’s to the first of many health and weight-loss posts! So, if you’re like me and you hate leaving your house (because you have to get ready and pile in multiple little people) jump on Amazon and get yourself a Breville Juicer delivered to your door in two days! If its good enough for Joe Cross you know its the best!

To see some of my favorite juicing recipes click here.

37 thoughts on “7 Day Juice Fast RESULTS”

  1. lol, I’m calling bullshit. There’s no scientifically possible way you lost that many inches on just a 9 pound weight loss. Especially since AT LEAST half of that weight loss was water weight.

  2. Good job Chelsey. How are you doing now that it’s December. I just stumbled onto your blog and am always looking for on-line buddies to stay motivated on my journey. Let’s stay in touch. I will join your Google+ and hope you will do the same. I look forward to keeping in contact with you and hopefully encourage you on the way. God bless.

    1. Renee,

      Thank you for the encouragement! I would love to add you on google+ as well. Since this juice cleanse I was down 13lbs (184lbs) but since going on a cruise, thanksgiving and my generous neighbors holiday sweets I’m up 6lbs. I plan on doing another cleanse after Christmas and jumping back into the Paleo lifestyle. I’ve never felt better than when I was eating clean 🙂

    1. hello, could you give maybe one or two of your most favorite juice recipes for weight loss. I am more in to the fruit juicing, but I need to lose weight… Incorporating good veggie juicing is harder… Thank you and congrats on your determination and weight loss

      1. Joe Cross recommends drinking 5 veggies to one fruit juiced for weight loss. IF your only drinking fruit juice its going to mess with your blood sugar levels and not work correctly.

  3. I love how gutsy you are to put before and after pics on here! That really inspired me. I need to be willing to do that on my blog. And wow, talk about results. You rock!

  4. i just found this post today and i am SO going to try this 7 day juice fast. i am a vegetarian, but i am always looking for a good juice cleanse. i followed your link to your recipes page and i have a quick question. the juice fast from Joe Cross shows three days…..when you did seven did you just repeat the days? i was so impressed with your ability to do this, as i am sure it took lots of mental endurance! so excited to try this!

    1. I didn’t repeat it after the first three days. I looked up recipes online and made sure they were more vegetable than fruit ratios. Also, I never made the gazpacho juice after day 1 because it was disgusting! Onion juice, say no more!

      You are so right BTW, this is 99% mental. It would also be helpful to make and keep a journal before and after of how you feel. By day four I was so committed because of how good I felt and how much energy I had (which wasn’t the case days 1-3)


    2. thanks for the response!! good to know about the gazpacho “onion” juice! i am going to start saturday and see how i do. also, excellent tip about the journal. i am really excited about starting!!! 🙂 i am going to go look at the link you attached and make a juice meal plan and see what i come up with! thanks again!!!

    1. Hi Chelsey, I just wanted to say I just completed my 7 day cleanse (tonight) and I started at 181 and am now 172lbs. I think I will keep this going and add one meal per day. What do you think?

    2. Ronda that is awesome! Way to go!!!! If you are going to add food back make sure you start with a chicken broth and raw veggies. It might be really hard on your system if you are introducing everything at once. I’m so proud of you!!!

  5. I love your results! and everyone is different, of course… some people lose a lot, some people lose more inches. I’ve been doing mine for a week now and my changes are not half as drastic as yours. Well done!

  6. Hey i weigh 57, i exercise about 4 days a week try to at least because of work and studies gets a bit hectic. I wanted to try this juice diet because i read this blog and comments and looks very inspiring. I am just a bit confused with how exactly this diet works. So its for 4 days with 3 glasses of juice each day. Please if you can guide me exactly how i should plan this out. Thank you

    1. Its not a diet, its more of a cleanse. You for sure want to talk to your Dr. before starting anything, especially if you only weigh 57. You simply replace your meals with fresh squeezed juice (5 veggies to every 1 fruit) and cleanse your system. Then you reintroduce healthy food and try to stay away from fried foods and refined sugars.

    1. Yes! This is a real unedited photo of 7 days of fasting. PLEASE know that this was the first area to come back after eating refined sugars and carbs for a few days. But if you ate clean it would last a lot longer.

  7. It’s not only water weight that creates inches. It is inflammation and bloating caused by air and intestinal build up (crap) as well. The first week / two weeks were when I saw DRASTIC changes in myself mainly around mainly my waistline and face. It’s amazing what eating crap does to your body and how GREAT you feel when you cut them out.

  8. I have been trying to get my father to work out and get in shape because he is 50 and over weight and I’m concerned for his health. He wants to try this but wants to know what kind of juice and how often? Could you please let me know what juice and how many times he should drink this juice for?

    Thank you!!

    1. The ones recommended by Dr. Oz are probably what I’d recommend starting out with, but I’m not a Dr. Have him check with his primary care physician to make sure that will work 🙂

  9. Wow! You are inspiration for me. I had my baby girl 8 months ago and am working on losing the weight now. I’ve been doing protein drinks and juices and have lost 4lbs in 7 days so far. But your results have really got me thinking that I should maybe just go all out and do the juice cleans 100%. I’m highly considering this. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing story and transformation. I’m at 169 right now and need to get back down to 136 so 33lbs more to go!

  10. Such an inspirational article. It is indeed a very strong psychological support to see if someone can do this then I can also. Great job, keep the good works up. I don’t think I can get in shape so drastically, but I am motivated from this post. Thanks for the article

  11. Loved your article! I am skeptical about juice fasts, I tried it for two days and couldn’t even do a third day and didn’t loose any weight. I am trying again this year for a week but how can I ensure that I wont gain the weight I lost? My friend did a juice fast for a month and gained her weight and more back. How do you keep it off? I’m 157 pounds, 21yo, goal weight is 130 pounds.

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