80s Prom Party

 Two years ago I was asked to help fulfill the dream of my friend who had been dying to have an 80s Prom Party. And last night, after waiting patiently for 7 years, all of her pastel and big haired 80s dreams came true!!! Here is the invite that we used.

After passing the stunning black lanterns, you walked into a room filled with balloons. All of these details were to set the stage for this stunning and authentic 80s back drop, complete with : balloon arch, silver stars, lights, crepe paper and topiaries! Stunning!!! 

With the false ceiling in place (created out of crepe paper) you could hardly tell we were in a gym! Oh my, I barely even noticed the basketball hoop with all of those gorgeous decorations hanging from it!!!! Seriously transcendent people!

The dessert table brought you right back to the 80s with the powdered sugar covered sweet breads, cake and cupcakes and an elegant and very high-quality plastic fountain. Did I mention it had flashing lights at the bottom!? And ANOTHER scalloped cake, shocker!!!

And now, some photos from the many guests in attendance. Oh look, there I am with the birthday girl. Can it be? Yes, it is true! We are wearing the SAME dress, same brand/designer Sarah McClintock! I found mine at a thrift store hours before the party and Emilee wore the original from her prom over a decade ago! Some things never change, even though they really should!

In all seriousness, we looked hideously awesome! I’m glad that so many people came to rock the night away to the sounds of the 70s, 80s and 90s! Good times.

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