The Gratitude Journal

I recently came across this lovely article by Liza from and I really wanted to share it with all of you! Each of us is really blessed no matter what our circumstances are. Many people in the world don’t have a smart phone or computer, so the fact that you are reading this is at least one thing you can be grateful for. See! I personally want to work to be better at this one and I just loved how she put it…


Researchers revealed that one way to increase happiness is to keep a GRATITUDE journal – that the simple act of writing down three things per week that you are thankful for can substantially boost your mood…not to mention your overall perspective of life in general.The Gratitude Journal has been linked to life transformation. The simple act of recognizing what’s good in your life helps release the negative thoughts that can keep us stuck mentally, emotionally and energetically.
…I can attest to the ways of living gratefully –  aaaaaaand during the most challenging of times is indeed the true test. This seemingly non eventful practice of writing down what you are grateful for – no matter how small it may be i.e. my hot chocolate in the morning – not only gives you a moment to search for lightness in the hard times but after awhile you suddenly can’t help seeing that every crappy thing that happens, has in it somewhere – a gift.
Even if it’s not apparent right away – eventually it reveals itself. I know, hard to imagine at times – trust me I understand. Going through my battle with cancer while caring for my eighteen month old and newborn was unbelievably tough – so has the transition to being a working mom and juggling what seems to be e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g and many times feeling left out of the process. It’s easy to lose track of yourself and get steamrolled by the deafening noise of ‘urgency’….but alas, this is when the solace of a carving out space just for what feels good makes you feel human again.
A bonus is to read back through your journal all the things the made your day, week, month – lifted you up or were just little moments of quiet happiness – especially if you’re feeling crappy, this can be just the shot in the arm you need to recognize that the hard times are temporary and that if we focus our energies on what’s good it makes the bad days oooooh so much easier. Of course, ultimately, the ‘attitude of gratitude’ is truly one of the most effective ways to soften ones heart – making it receptive and ready to give love – and for that I am so very grateful.

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