Health Inspiration

I’m a self help junkie. I love everything about becoming better and maximizing my efforts. You might have already read and enjoyed such titles as:
  • How to be more organized. Check. 
  • How to be better with Money. Check.
  • How to be a good parent. Check
  • How to be highly effective. Check
  • How to like being healthy and active even though its really, really hard and it doesn’t taste as good.
I’ve been working on the last one lately and I really struggle here. I have the best intentions and really want to have the benefits of looking and feeling healthy. Not only is it really hard to squeeze into my busy schedule, I get so hung up on the silliness of weight fluctuation and not seeing my 6-pack abs after two weeks of working out, those workouts were hard! So I’ve decided to devote some time every week to finding inspiration from people who are motivated and trying to replace the negative space in my mind, which seems to be the biggest road block. Thank you for this weeks inspiration! 

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