Modest Trashion Show

A Trashion show is a fashion show where all of the materials used are 100% recycled. So basically we were dumpster divers for the sake of modest fashions, and it was totally worth it! This activity was a 10 hour personal project of a young woman in our church.

Our church has a really great youth program that teaches us about morals and standards. Modesty is one of the standards we teach our members to live by and because we like to have fun, modesty was also the theme for this event. 

The rules were pretty basic: design whatever modest fashions you want and it needs to be made from 100% recycled material. Can I just say that these 12-18 year old young women just blew me away with all of their creativity and duct taping skills!

Here are the trophies that were up for grabs, all of them were recycled and dressed in trash of course! And now for some of the lovely ladies…

I couldn’t be prouder of how well everyone did! It was a huge success and such a fun night to be dressed in trash.

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