My 3 Botox Rules

As an esthetician I try to be realistic about results with my clients. Making sure you are doing the correct treatment for the desired result is huge. If you want to know how to have softer skin I’d recommend a chemical peel. Acne? Salicylic acid. If you want to get rid of wrinkles you get Botox. It may seem extreme but its really not. Its more effective than any cream or serum I’ve heard of (for preventing wrinkles  and it takes all of 60 seconds for an average treatment time. 

Rule 1: A Doctor isn’t always best for the job.

Most people want a Doctor to do their treatment because they think they are more experienced. The truth is (most) Doc’s have probably done less treatments than they can count on fingers and toes, especially if they have a busy practice. Offering Botox is generally a good way to make more revenue for the business. Always ask for the person does that does the most treatments (sometimes this is the doctor.) Ask how many and how frequently they administer to patients. This person will know all of the best techniques because of their experience from having a lot more treatments under their belt.

Rule 2: Time = Wrinkles

Most people are so afraid of needles and anything surgically related that the idea of Botox is too scary to deal with right now, today. Sometimes they wait three, five, or ten plus years to get it. By the time they finally set an appointment time its too late for their best results. The best time to prevent wrinkles is before you have them, I think I’ll cross stitch that on a pillow 🙂.

Rule 3: Be Realistic

If it took 40 years to look the way that you look now it will take some time to reverse it. Ask questions and make sure you are always on the same page, there are NO dumb or wrong questions! If you are wanting more than Botox alone can give, your professional should be able to give you some other options. I also recommend doing research on the best places and getting good referrals whenever possible.

For me Botox is aging gracefully. What do you think about preventative treatments?

4 thoughts on “My 3 Botox Rules”

  1. Thanks for an informative post, Chelsey! In addition to these rules, patients shouldn’t hesitate asking necessary questions before agreeing to proceed with the treatments. It is important too to have someone who is certified to administer the treatment. Keep in mind that this is still a medical procedure that only licensed professionals should be allowed to perform.

    Eva Pacheco @ BellezaMedSpa

  2. I do agree with you. I especially like your last tip. It is never wrong to ask, especially if what’s at stake is your face. Everyone wants to look younger than their actual age, but maintaining a youthful look is really hard. I think together with botox, we should also start living healthier with proper diet and exercise in order to ahieve the treatment’s best results.

    George Chambers

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