How to Decorate A Graduation Party for $36!

I was recently approached by a good friend who wanted my help on a graduation party for her husband, he had recently graduated and didn’t want to walk. After all of his hard work she wasn’t about to let that happen! So being the clever girl that she is she devised a plan… She asked her husband to accompany her to a funeral of someone in the neighborhood so she could drop off some meatballs for the family of the dearly departed. Then when he walked in everyone would yell surprise. It was brilliant!

To insure the event would go according to plan we couldn’t take any chances. So, the first prop was a table for the dearly not-so-departed. Who is he you may ask, just some dude I found after googling “old man head shot.”

I guess you could say he was pretty surprised, and confused when he saw and heard the whole family yell surprise.

Some of the party details included a bounce house on loan from one of the family members. Smarties candies rolled into mini diplomas. Napkin wrapped forks. Shower curtains for the back drop. Crepe paper and a homemade “Class of 2014” sign.

Bounce House – $0
Paper rolls to wrap tables – $9
Table Runners – $6
Balloons – $6
Smartie Diplomas – $3
Fork Bundles – $5
Crepe Paper – $4
Paper Shreds for center pieces – $3
Chargers, glasses, non-helium balloons, 2014 flags, tissue paper, banner, pennant bunting (from sports party) – Already had on hand or made with things on hand.

Its so amazing what you can come up with (decoration wise) from what you already have on hand!

This party was a huge success and I’m glad I was able to help!

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