3 thoughts on “Valentines Party Table”

    1. I love the video tour of the party as opposed to the pictures, seeing it in 3D definitely helps to visualize everything better. Also, it’s so hard to get indoor lighting correct before parties to accurate take pictures of everything, which is I think why I stopped taking pictures when I’m hosting parties (which definitely makes for less blog content). Anyway, very awesome setup, everything’s adorable, and I’m impressed how much of it you managed to find at the dollar store 🙂

    2. Firstly, I apologize for deleting your comment. I’m wondering why there isn’t a “are you sure you want to proceed button” anyway.

      Thank you for the feedback! You are totally right! When I’m making the video, I don’t have to go back and photoshop or cropping so in a way the video is much better. Thank you for your comments!!!

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