Eyelash Q&A with Liz

Today I did a little Q&A with the lovely and hilarious Liz from LookbyLizLewis all about eyelash extensions! I know these bad boys are really popular right now and I feel like they’re not going away anytime soon. 

So, without further ado heres Liz… (who is hilarious BTW, whenever I see this girl we get going and laugh so hard we snort. Its really more attractive than it sounds, youtube video to follow…)

Quite often, I get comments about my eyelashes.

lashes eyelashes extensions mascara fake


“Your eyelashes are gorgeous.”
“Are you eyelashes real?”
“Your eyelashes are amazing.”
“Who does your lashes?”
Dear reader, THIS is what I look like with no mascara on, completely au naturel:

lashes eyelash extensions mascara fake

I know, I know. It’s not that bad! But honestly, I feel naked when I don’t wear mascara. I’m naturally a medium blonde, and my eyelashes and brows are seriously completely transparent without any added help. It’s incredible how much longer lashes can boost your appearance. It makes the rest of your makeup really stand out and your face looks much more “put together.” So…*confession*…I get lash extensions. Yes, it’s a luxury, and well worth it. 

I’m lucky enough to have Housewife2Hostess as my lash specialist and master esthetician. To put it mildly, she’s incredible. Check out her post on “Eyelash Extensions 101 over on her delightful blog. She was generous enough to grace my blog with her beautiful presence and witty personality for a Q&A session.

Housewife Hostess

Q: Who should get eyelash extensions, and why?
Anyone who wants to have more time every morning. They are seriously the best getting-ready time saver! The only people who shouldn’t are those with lots of allergies or sensitive eyes (not like that has stopped some).

Q: Some people think lash extensions are too “high maintenance.” What would you tell them to dispel this myth?
They are as high maintenance and you want them to be. Some of my clients are very picky and literally comb through them every day, while others never touch or mess with them and they seem to last a bit longer. The main commitment is the financial one.

Q: Does it matter who does your lash extensions and what type of products/materials they use? 
Finding a licensed professional/someone certified to do lash extensions would be the only way to go. Because of how delicate the area is and considering you’ll have sharp tweezers, glue and tape near your eyeballs you really want to see lots of training before you lay down to have it done. Or you could always go with your cute friend who learned how to do them on YouTube yesterday; its not like you were using your eyes anyway.

Basically, you need lash extensions. Here’s the process from the last time I got a “fill.”



Eyelash Extensions fill long lashes

You’re probably thinking, “Before? What?! Your lashes look great! Yes. You are correct, they do. But wait until you see the “after”! This about 2 weeks after my previous fill. Sometimes I go a bit longer, but I don’t enjoy waiting until they are super sparse before I get a fill. 

Step 1

Eyelash Extensions fill long lashes

First, your lash specialist will attach a special tape to keep your bottom lashes from sticking to the top ones. Otherwise, your eyes might be stuck together by the end of the application. Then he or she will apply a solution that removes proteins and basically anything that would keep the extensions from best adhering to your own lashes.

Step 2

Eyelash Extensions fill long lashes combing

Next, the lash specialist combs through your lashes to separate your existing extensions. They will also fix any tangles and/or remove extensions that are problematic or about to fall off. 

Step 3

Eyelash Extensions fill long lashes

Finally, the lash extensions go on individually, which creates the gorgeous finished product you see below: thick, long, dark, luscious lashes. Note: There are several different lengths of extensions, ranging from subtle to dramatic (I get the latter, and I unabashedly refer to them as my stripper or Vegas showgirl lashes. The more “wow” factor, the better!).

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