How I Really Feel About Valentines Day

For many past Valentines days I would say the same thing concerning the matter: that the entire day/idea/theme was dumb and over-rated. Another one of those over-commercialized holidays: yet another way to spend lots of money (crazy-high prices for roses and chocolates) and a way to “force” people to tell others that someone cared about them. 


My feelings weren’t the reflection of how I truly felt because deep inside I always wanted one of those over-the-top Valentine’s Days: a surprise trip to New York City, two dozen long stem red roses delivered to my work, and handcrafted chocolate and caramels. To be showered with love notes, gifts and affection. Just simple, right? Yeah right…
As Valentines days came and went, I realized I can’t put all my happiness into one day being “perfect”. Sure, it’s fun to be in love and to decorate for Valentine’s Day. But when I truly think about it, my husband and daughter show me they love me every day by serving me, hugging and loving me on a daily basis. And now, because this one day isn’t perfect none of that counts!? In my opinion, thats not very fair to them.
Here’s my new motto when it comes to holidays: I can go as over-the-top and crazy as I want to, if I feel up to it that year (or holiday) or as the budget permits. If I don’t feel up to it, I am not putting any more stress on my husband’s plate by adding my crazy expectations. There’s no way it would ever be EXACTLY how I would do it, because he’s not me. I am really okay with my new motto and at the end of the day I’m the one who likes holidays my way. My husband and daughter would be happy with anything!
And in my husbands own words, “I don’t have any expectations for Valentine’s Day, you are all I need. ” 

My Husband gets it!




2 thoughts on “How I Really Feel About Valentines Day”

  1. Hi…I actually wanted to comment on your juice fast post but ended up here….I wanted to say congrats, that was a big difference….I tried it last year also and did it for 15 days and lost 15 pounds…I ended up finding out that it wasn’t for me…I need more fiber in my diet so I have since gone Paleo and love it so far….need to get this Christmas (even though it’s way past that now) weight off lol. Anyway just wanted to say hi…I also entered your giveaway on your page….thank you…tunes certainly help make the workouts more fun 🙂

  2. Samantha,

    You’ve described my weight and diet situation to the “T”! I love juicing and love the Paleo/Clean eating lifestyle! I plan to do another juice fast in a few weeks because I need to get all of these chocolate covered Strawberries out of my system 🙂 Good luck to you in your endeavors! I know that hard work in the health and lifestyle department always pays off!


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