Romantic Loose Braid

Are you so bored with your hair you’ve strongly considered chopping it all off and getting a pixie?
STOP!!! Please don’t!

Instead, consider trying a new lovely style that would never work with a short do. (Unless of course, you used extensions to make long hair if you had proceeded with the pixie cut. Making yourself look like Britney Spears with hair extensions immediately after the “incident”…) 
Start with a tight French braid going closely along one side of your face. The further down you go start incorporating hair from the other side of your head into the French braid. See photos.
This will make the braid get thicker really quickly, so to make sure to keep it tight as you go.


Now, holding onto the end of the braid with one hand, start loosening the inner parts of the braid to make it more soft and loose. Try pulling hair out as close to the center of the braid as possible. This will prevent those awkward looking “bumps”. 
Adjust as needed, pulling a little bit more here or there.


I used to bobby pins towards the hair near the back of my neck to help secure some of my shorter layers in place. 


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