Trophy Husband Birthday Party

When I started planning this party I was really just thinking of how funny the theme would be and how cleaver I was (to rip off something I saw on Pinterest) and do it. After all, the entire theme of the party was based on the sexiest cake topper you’ve ever seen. Cue the photo… there he is! Yow-za, ex-actly like my husband!

 Then the more time I spent and continued working my party magic, it made me realize how grateful I truly was for such an awesome husband who I not only love times 500,000,000, but feel so blessed that I was lucky enough to marry him. Grab your tissues folks,  I might start weeping soon.


For this event, I wanted to make sure I focused on all of my husbands favorite things. I also wanted a few elements that were more manly and masculine for the other husbands to enjoy.


One of my husbands favorite things is milk and cookies. So using taller appetizer glasses filled with milk, I topped them with two cookies, because that’s more manly. 

The candy bar was an array of his other favorite sweet treats including nutterbutters, flips white-covered pretzels, peanut butter M&Ms, snickers, Oreos, milk chocolate covered almonds, red vines licorice and his very favorite, Hi-chews. I used these homemade cupcake toppers to add to the feel and theme. Feel free to use all of them, even my sexy husbands face!

The drinks were served in the most manly way (without giving each guest their own private milk jug) in bottle form: root beer and cream soda.


I also considered how very depressed each of the other husbands would be after coming to a celebration of my trophy husband, so I made a kit for each of them to take home. 

UPDATE: each of them has successfully completed the requirements and can now be considered REAL trophy husband material. Here is the PDF to print, cut and go trophy husband yourself. 

I’m so grateful for everyone that came to support him (and my hilariousness), especially my sweet cousin for bringing some humble pie to my husband. 

My husband was such a good sport I may just throw him one of these every year!

7 thoughts on “Trophy Husband Birthday Party”

    1. So Sorry JB! I accidentally deleted your comment! The things I put in the kits were:

      Good with hands – A plastic hammer
      Good Jewelry – A ring pop
      Get Lucky – Fortune cookie
      Sugar Daddy Candy
      Never Comb over – a comb
      Happy Wife, Lindor Truffles
      Don’t mind getting dirty – A sponge
      Slay dragons and spiders – Plastic spider
      Chews to take out the trash – Gum

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