Bachelor Final Rose Event 2014

I wasn’t a huge fan of this last season, but just because the Bachelor was terrible doesn’t mean GNO has to suffer, right? The “Finale Viewing Party” started back during Sean’s season and I plan on making it a tradition. Some people do big super bowl parties, I do Super Bachelor Finale parties.
As each guest arrived this stud asked “will you accept this rose” in the sweetest little voice. Guests were then directed towards the table to choose a “side”, Clare or Nikki. Printables found here.

Refreshments included rose topped cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, mocktails, and other sweet treats.

And a BIG congrats to Nikki, for winning? 

4 thoughts on “Bachelor Final Rose Event 2014”

  1. I love your rose topped cupcakes a lot more than the more trendy rose topped cupcakes coming out on pinterest; not that i don’t love those as well, but yours are awesome! And “fantasy sweets”!? Oh my gosh! SO clever!

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