Seussical Swag Bags

Keep the party going by sending your guests away with one of these over-the-top AMAZING swag bags! These swirly-stripped-Seuss themed bags are just the thing to make your guests sing.
Each sack included a:
  • Dr. Seuss hardcover book 
  • Matching bookmark
  • 4 themed pencils and erasers
  • Seussical notebook
  • Silly stickers
  • Cat in the hat tote
  • Blue and red pinwheel
  • Jumbo striped bags
  • Red pipe cleaner
  • Labels
To make these darlings fill each tote with all of the seuss-loot. Then, put that tote into a striped red bag.  Place a pinwheel in the top and twist the bag until its tight. Secure with a red pipe-cleaner and tape a named label on the end of the pipecleaner. Ta-Da!


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