The $42 Yard Make Over

With spring upon us, its time to start going outside more. I went outside last week and saw this horrific site, yikes. This sad little yard needs some TLC and fast. First of all, it looks embarrassing and also because we’re getting ready to list it. (But mostly because it looks embarrassing.) 

One of the best ways to give your house some curb appeal is to spruce up the yard, but how to do it on a budget… Because I live in a Town House I have a small yard, which is the main reason for the tiny budget. So please do what works for your needs and stay within your budget.



Here’s the breakdown:

  • Mulch $2.00 x (8 bags) = $16.00
  • Plants $3.50 x 6 = $21.00
  • Potting Soil = $5.00

One of the reasons I think it turned out so well is because I kept it simple. I used some smaller shrubs to line the front steps and a black mulch to add a lot of contrast. The whole project took about an hour to complete, I think it was totally worth it! The moral of the story here is: spend the $17 dollars and do the mulch. Happy Mulching!

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