DIY Burlap Ribbon

I hate working with burlap. Its messy, its itchy and it never seems to lay just right. Despite all of the cons of burlap, the cuteness of it has me mending our relationship and trying to work harmoniously with it at events (or at least appear to.)

I recently learned how to cut it in such a way that I could save lots of money vs. buying the pre-cut spools of burlap ribbon. I know what you’re thinking: “You just learned that?”

Yes. Yes, I did.

First, “smooth” out the burlap as best as you can (see complaint at the top) and determine how think you want the ribbon. Don’t forget to leave extra space on the sides for the fray.

Cut on either side of one strand of burlap.

Once the stand is isolated, pull it until the whole strand is removed. This may or may not take a bit of force. Sometimes the strand will break, just find the break and keep pulling.

You should be left with a section looking like this. 

Using scissors (not a rotary cutter) cut down the middle to separate your piece of DIY burlap ribbon.

Remove extra strands from both sides to give it an even looking edge. 

Trim both sides to match and Ta-da! You’ve done it.

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