Dr Seuss Party

I am seriously so excited to reveal the stunning Dr. Seuss Party I was a part of. My mother-in-law has created Grandma’s Book Club for all of her grandkids to encourage them to find joy in reading. After they read a book, or in this case a series, they’ll celebrate the finishing of the last book with an over-the-top party.
For this Dr. Seuss soiree, a large Cat in the Hat was at the entry to greet each guest as they arrived. Seussical top hats and bow ties were available for guests to wear for dress up. It really got all of the kids in the spirit of Dr. Seuss to dress up and take a picture with the Cat in the Hat, they had a lot of fun.
The table was decorated in a bright red table cloth with a blue runner down the middle. Striped flags and honeycomb pompoms were hung up to add to the abundance as well. Each place setting had a Seuss coloring mat and crayons. There were also puzzle pieces for the older children to play with as well.
Everything from the flower arrangements to the food went with the Seussical theme. Of course the food was also  labeled with silly names that went perfectly with the books titles and characters, etc.
Green Eggs and Ham 
These were two pretzel sticks with a melted white hershey kiss melted on them, topped with a green m&m candy.
 One Fish Two Fish Jello
These were blue jello cups topped with a Swedish fish on a red toothpick. Some cups had one fish and others had two fish.
Hop on Popcorn
This was just basic popcorn served in cute boxes.
Apples on Top
Because of the amount of sweets at the party we kept this dish all natural. You could easily served caramel apples too.
Moose Moss & Moose Moss Sauce (salad & dressing)
This is what we called the salad and dressing.
Moose Moss Blocks
These were the croutons.
Roast Beast Sandwiches
These ham and cheese sandwiches were served with a pesto mayo spread, that was to tie in the Grinch.
Seuss Character Cupcakes
These were basic cupcakes with blue frosting, we used small lollypops and character print outs to tape on the top.
The candy bar featured all kinds of blue, red and white delights, complete with baggies for guests to take what they wanted to go.
We played games, talked about what books everything came from and made sweet memories. The best part were the Seuss inspired swag bags. Each swag bag had a reusable tote, sticker books, pencils and a windmill fan. The kids really loved the bags and had a great time at the party.

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  1. Hi, chelsey, I’m Louise Douglas a new co-host for the wakeup Wednesday Linky. I love your Dr. Seuss party idea. This reminds me of when I was a preschool teacher, Lol, I had more fun than the kids ! I also am your new follower on pinterest and google+. have a great day Chelsey.

  2. Georgia cheeseman

    Where did you get the cat in the hat reading a book? I’ve been looking everywhere. Want it for my daughters classroom. Doing dr seuss this year.

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