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If you’ve seen my latest YouTube video, you’ll know that I’ve been on the prowl for beautiful home decor. I’ve been looking for inspiration, pinning and shopping like a maniac. So hopefully it all comes together like I envision. I saw this picture from Home Depot.com (of all places) and fell in LOVE!

 From the rustic trestle table and tufted chairs to the gorgeous chandelier, I love it all. Now, HD does have links to all of the pieces featured in the picture, but I was not willing to pay that much. Instead I found nearly identical items on other sites and at a fraction of the cost! Keep in mind, I also used coupons and waited for price drop alerts. Here are my findings:

Trestle Table 

This copycat table from World Market is built to last and is for sale for only $699! 

Nailhead Chairs

These chairs aren’t identical to the ones from HD, but they are close enough and the price is right at $269 for two. I found them on overstock! Something to note, these are much darker than featured. 
Dining Chairs
These Safavieh Chairs were found at Wayfair.com and are identical to the ones featured in my inspiration picture. They are listed WAY higher than when I bought them (I paid $184 for two!) 
I really liked the black chandelier featured at the HD, but after purchasing a nickel curtain rod I ended up buying this Dover 5 light chandelier from Wayfair.com
Area Rug
Last but not least, the rug. Since the exterior of my house has lots of blue I wanted to tie in that color scheme by bringing blue inside. I paid $84 for this in the 5’3” X 7’7” also from Wayfair.com. It is an outdoor rug but I like the style and look so much, I plan to use it inside.

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