If you are a regular around here, you might have noticed I’ve been MIA as of late. Sure, I could blame it on the whole moving/building a house and the general craziness of summer.  I could also say that I’ve had lots of family and church commitments, but those would be half truths at best… The truth is that I lost something a few months back, motivation.

I seem to be the most motivated when I’m juggling ten different things at once. Give me two or three things and I start dragging my feet and putting it off until later. Yes, that seems to make the most sense. I’ll get to it later. Then this cycle begins: Get out of my routines, fail to plan meals and work out, gain weight, get depressed, become lazy, decided I’m much too depressed to do anything about it, sleep in and binge on Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream. IT’S TIME TO BREAK THE CYCLE, again. And hopefully for good!

I recently spoke with a good friend thats had a lot of success. She’s healthier and stronger than she’s ever been (down 40 lbs for over two years now) and busier than ever. What gives?

              “Girl, you’ve got to work for it!” She declares.

              “I know that, but whats the REAL secret?” I insist.

              “Its finding that reason everyday to be healthy and      
               exercise. Make it a priority and work for it. And also,
               its really hard. I struggle all the time.” She admits.

I was blown away. I know that its hard work to get to the point of looking good, but for some reason I felt like once you lose the weight it should be so simple to keep it off, right? For some reason everything she said just hit home to me and I want more than ever to get back on track. But first, I want to come up with a list of so many reasons I’ll never look back again!

Please, PLEASE comment below with your advise, tips, tricks and motivation that keeps you going to be healthy and stay there. I want a really long list and hopefully while helping me we can also help each other!

2 thoughts on “Motivation”

  1. For me I have to keep it realistic and simple!! I know I can work out 20 minutes a day. If I do it longer GREAT!!! If not thats okay too! I am constantly changing what I do to keep it new and fun for me. I also do my meal planning on Thursday nights. For me that night works great, I go shopping on Friday. I plan out all 3 meals, I keep it on a monthly calendar so I can see what we have eaten throughout the month and I highlight what everyone liked so I can repeat it. It also is great for my kids to see because they know what we are eating every meal even when I am not there.

    1. Thank you for sharing! You look fantastic and with how busy you are and all of the schedules you need to plan around. I am starting to realize there is NO excuse, either do it or don’t!

      I think you’re right about having a plan, I know that is the thing that is missing in my situation. Now to start implementing and see what will work best.

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