Miniature Pink and Gold Toddler Party

When I asked my two-year-old what she wanted for her birthday party she answered:
 “Peent” (pink), pop-pops (sparklers) and “nandy” (candy). 
And who could say no to ANYONE who talks like that!? Certainly not I. You know how some people say their kid is “soooo adorable” this girl seriously is! Watch here.

For this event the focus was on Jade’s favorite things, but I also wanted everything to be perfectly sized for her. Mini cake, mini treats, mini glassware, mini birthday girl etc. 
The color palate of course needed to include “peent”, so to give a bit of contrast I added in brown and gold.
I used a coffee table (so it would be low enough to the ground) and large piece of faux silk for the table cloth. Then I handmade the paper tassel garland (tutorial here), cake/cupcake toppers and pop-pop print outs. 
And I wanted to give a HUGE shout out to Crystal Spencer Photography for shooting this event, amazing work as usual!


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