Tissue Paper Tassels

I am LOVING these tissue paper tassels, they are everywhere. But, instead of paying $10/each on Etsy, I invested $3 (total) and made my own. And what better occasion than the celebration of my daughter Jade’s second birthday!

To make these lovely tassels you’ll need:
  • Colored Tissue Paper
  • Self Healing Mat
  • A Large Clear Ruler (can be found in the quilting section)
  • Rotary Cutter (this is a MUST)
  • A Glue Gun
Start with the tissue paper folded in half, open open end facing you. Using the grid on the ruler(s) decide how thin to cut the strips (I did 1/2 an inch.) With your non-dominant hand on top of the clear ruler, cut the tissue paper using the rotary cutter. Make sure you stop 1 1/4 inches from the top.
Once all of the strips are cut, carefully open the tissue paper and begin rolling it in the center. Try to make this as tight as possible.
Once you get to the end, twist both sides in the opposite direction. Make sure they are long enough to be folded in half. With a little hot glue secure the middle of the loop wrapping a stray piece of tissue paper around the bottom of the loop. Secure again with hot glue.

These are a little time consuming, but they look so cute! Have you made these before? Do you know of an easier/faster way?


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